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Product Reviews

Introducing the amazing quality and most comfortable dog bed, by Scruffs !  It is the lush Edinburgh Dog Bed.  This bed without doubt is super comfy, super warm, super soft and a super purchase !

The bed overall is made to the highest quality for warmth and comfort.  The inside of (brown part) is very very soft and very very warm, our Cooper and Dizzy love it.  With Miniature Dachshunds we find that they struggle to gain warmth and this bed pulls out the stops for them to stay warm quickly.  The Edinburgh tartan is very good quality and will take a very long time to wear.  Underneath the bed is a non slip base to stop it from sliding along the floor, should you have slippery flooring material.

The bed is made from 100% polyester and is machine washable.  Scruffs make the best quality products and you really need to try the product(s) to believe me.  To buy one just now click the link below you will not be disappointed !  Pop one in the corner of your bedroom so your Miniature Dachshund(s) can have a snug warm sleep or pop another in your living room so they can also stay snug while you do your day to day activities.  Click the logo below to buy one !


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