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Miniature Dachshund Language Choice Text
Miniature Dachshund Q-Code Image

I would like to introduce to you all to some AMAZING dog costumes !  These are perfect for your Miniature Dachshund to wear at Halloween or any seasonal occasion really hence placing the product

review at this time of the year lol  Whether you are buying one for an event or seasonal occasion.  

These great costumes below offer a great laugh for you and anyone who sees your Miniature

Dachshund.  Ensure you buy the right size for them.  They can be tricky to put on and your dog may not like it but as with everything it will take a little getting used to.

If you decide to buy one please do take some photos and put them into the Miniature Dachshund Flickr Group.  


Little Miss Dizzy Photo Product Reviews Costumes Title Dachshund Costume Photo Dachshund Costume Photo Dachshund Costume Photo Dachshund Costume Photo Dachshund Costume Photo Hotdog Costume Stinker Costume Superman Outfit Batman Costume Hotdog Costume Click On Any Costume To Buy

These costumes get…………..5 STARS !

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