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Aira Rain Jacket Photo Little Miss Dizzy Photo Product Reviews

Here I am proud and excited to introduce a fantastic product to you all.  This is the amazingly high quality Aira Rain Jacket, by Ruffwear.  It has been carefully and cleverly designed to not only protect your Miniature Dachshund from the elements but also to accommodate specific features that make this product stand out from the rest.  

I get many questions about dog jackets for Miniature Dachshunds and many about ones that’ll protect their Dachshund’s chest from whatever is on the ground…well….this is the product I advise on purchasing.  It comes at a slightly higher price than many jackets but for good reasons !  There are two colours to choose from, Rock Red and Twilight Grey.  There are 6 different sizes to choose from, please CLICK HERE to see the Ruffwear size chart.  Mister Cooper and Little Miss Dizzy both have XXS sizes on.

It’s designed and made to the highest spec….and as the old saying goes….’You buy cheap….you get cheap !’  This durable jacket will do you proud !  Some of the other great features are shown below :

One thing that stands out for me with these jackets is the material, it’s thin and lightweight yet you can tell it’s strong and will last for a long time.  The lightweight material means it’s perfect for all year round season weather.  The jacket can be rolled up and will fit in your pocket if no longer needed.

The leg loops, shown above can be left off and are only needed during windy conditions.  Cooper and Dizzy didn’t know what to make of these at first and did a pretty crazy walk but after a few minutes they were fine with them……was funny to watch them walk with them at first lol !

Around the edges is a reflective trim for your pooch's safety but the additional purchase of the Ruffwear Beacon will ensure maximum safety.

The jacket inside has a breathable mesh lining for comfort,
shown here to the right.

The sheltered buckles are autolock and are very easy to
put on and off, unlike some jackets where you struggle to

get them on and off….especially during the winter when your

hands are freezing lol

The jacket fits very snug onto both of my Miniature
Dachshunds. I think it’s important to note that the collar
is fixed so make sure when you take the measurements
of your pooch you double check before purchasing.  The
Storm Collar also extends for extreme weather.

This jacket is truly amazing and you definitely get your
monies worth !

I think I speak for both Mister Cooper and Little Miss Dizzy that this is an amazing and perfect jacket for any Miniature Dachshund…..as you can see below they both wear theirs with pride.

Ruffwear Logo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo MIster Cooper (left) and Little Miss Dizzy (right) Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo ** Please note that I have  my own harness beneath the  Aira Rain jacket.  You will  require your own harness.  CLICK HERE to buy one** Aira Rain Jacket Photo Aira Rain Jacket Photo

This is a fantastic product and we give Ruffwear’s Aira Rain Jacket
………………..5/5 STARS ! Well Done !

Visit the Ruffwear website now to order one…or more !